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 CorianⓇ is a material created by DuPont 35 years ago. It is a compact, non-porous material, non-combustible, without joints and visible joints. It consists of natural mineral materials with predominantly 75% aluminum hydride (bauxite derivative) and 25% acrylic resins. It combines unique properties with unlimited applications inside and outside home's wall and is constantly 'discovered' by Greek designers and manufacturers. One of the key features of CorianⓇ is that it owns the ability to take different shapes through the process of thermoforming, something that makes it highly competitive. As a non-porous material, it is resistant to bacterial growth and easy to clean, making it a prime choice in medical areas such as surgery. There is available in a large palette of colors (opaque and transparent) and can give great surfaces without creating "seams". All of the above properties created phrases like "If you can imagine it ... You can probably do it with Corian" or "With CorianⓇ the capabilities in design just never ends ..." which sounds real after all. If we add the fact of Corian's resistance on time and strain as well as the relative ease of its maintenance, we are talking about capabilities that seemed very distant from conventional materials. But in practice, what can we do with CorianⓇ? From a furniture to a sink, from a common wall paneling to a shower! The places you will find it are innumerable… In homes, beauty centers, medical centers, cookery, exhibition stands… CorianⓇ has three different finishes: matte / satin, semi-gloss, high gloss. But how do you properly maintain such a perfect surface? Water and soap or a detergent which is recommended for flat surfaces are usually sufficient.

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